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: 2923 € 142.000

Are you looking for an independent solution just outside the center and with an outdoor space all to yourself?

[ Your villa in Itri a few km from the city, wide, independent and with terrain! ]

What are the reasons why a family should buy a detached house with land?

Before answering this question - and today's property is the living physical answer to it - I want to reflect:

WHAT does it mean buying such a house?

I do this reflection aloud because most of the time I find myself dealing with people who are interested in selling such a property, the motivations are often the same:

"I didn't think it took all this effort to keep it.

- "Tax on this type of house is a little higher than normal!"

- "uncomfortable results for children's daily lives"

... and other things -- legitimate -- so.

Now, if you belong to these categories, that is,

Families who have only one car or have a lot of work to travel multiple times a day

People who need services immediately at home

Families who prefer to stay in the condominium or who get tired of maintenance that such a house entails (its breadth and garden, for example)

... then SMETTITE SMETTITE to read this ad, because so much is not for you.

It is useless to continue to care about this (meravglio) immobile, for the simple fact that it does not meet your needs.

Choosing a property to buy means choosing and "predicting" in some way the life that awaits us here a few years and such a house means thinking long-term.

Not 3 or 4 years, but at least 10.

This is a home to live fully, to be cultivated daily, to be exploited in all its potential and to be enjoyed.

The area is San Marco, belonging to the municipality of Itri, only 5 km from Formia, 8 km from Gaeta, 8 km from Sperlonga connected very well to all the main road arteries.

NO, it is not a "comfortable" area in the sense that it is NOT in the city center, it is certainly not within walking distance.

And above all it is a house that is to be completed as YOU!

As you'll be seeing from the detailed photos, it's a house to complete:

- Plumbing and electrical systems
- internal divisions
- Flooring
- doors and fixtures

As you can see especially for such a house - it will be wonderful to be able to complete HOW BEST RITERRAIOPPORTUNO!

Yes, that's right,

Sara TU the architect of the interior appearance of your home!

Of course, it was taken into account that you're going to have to take this expense.

It is well known that over 150 square meters of house, on 2 levels, are not really easy to complete, but we also know that such a property, of NEW CONSTRUCTION, on 2levels, with land on 4 sides, is practically INTROVABILE, at least at this figure!

Yes, the figure, I know...

"When it costs me I'm 150 sqm with land?!"


Normally, a "finished" house of this kind, in this area, you do not find it for less than 300000 euros.

In this case you can grab this wonderful property for the incredible sum of 142,000.00!

Now, I speak to everyone who

- "yes, the detached house is wonderful but it costs too much"
- "it would be great to be able to take home with my mother and split it in two.
- "maybe I could have a house with land"

This is really the chance you can't get away with!

150 sqm of new home to be finished as finishes for just 142,000.00 euros!

If you are a loser, one who wants to be a real estate tourist and just get his eyes done, forget it, do not contact me.

If you really want a house like this, where you can take advantage of the porch, the land, welcome your guests, enjoy the full potential of such a house, then

CALL NOW at 3247975808!

If you waste more time it means you're not interested, but if you want a new villa AND WITH TERRENO to refine HOW YOU, call me NOW!

I'm waiting for ;)

---> Codice <---: 2923
---> Motivazione <---:
---> Tipologia <---:
: Lazio
---> Provincia <---: Latina
---> Comune <---: Itri
---> Prezzo_Richiesto <---: € 142.000
---> Totale_mq <---: 150
---> camere <---: 3
---> bagni <---: 2
---> Locali <---: 5