: San Pietro

70 2 1

: 2323 € 700

[Formia Zona San Pietro, local commercial for rent. HIGH VISIBILITY. Available now. ]

Commercial premises of 70 sqm on the road, located on the Appia. It has two rooms and bathroom.

For those unfamiliar with Formia, the area of San Pietro is very convenient and close to all services. This is why it becomes a valid solution for those who want to start both a business and an office in one of the strategic points of Formia because in the vicinity of schools, with high-density road.

The owners evaluate potential tenants with these characteristics:
-that they are in possession of income guarantees and appropriate financing to support the payment of the rent.
-that they need to enter within a couple of months at the most (the local is already free!)
-that need to have the activity for long years or maybe move to have more space. The contract will be of type 6 + 6 years, with the possibility to cancel it with twelve months ' notice.
-Banking Fidejussion

This type of contract to be concluded does not include the option called "Dry coupon", and therefore the tenant will have the following charges:
-Taxes and stamps for the first registration of the contract
-Payment for the annual renewal of the contract
-Increase of the rent according to the ISTAT index for the duration of the contract

If you are interested, you must contact Giuseppe at number 3486382535, to make an appointment at least one day in advance.

To take with you, to the appointment:
-Identity card and tax code of the holder or legal representative
-chamber display with VAT allocation
-first two months to stop the commercial premises (of course if interested!)

We advise you to have these things already with you for a simple reason... The apartments with these characteristics, at this monthly rent price, go away in a short period.

And so it wouldn't be nice to have him run off on a matter of "give me a day to think about it"!

---> Codice <---: 2323
---> Motivazione <---:
---> Tipologia <---:
: Lazio
---> Provincia <---: Latina
---> Comune <---: Formia
---> frazione <---: San Pietro
---> Prezzo_Richiesto <---: € 700
---> Totale_mq <---: 70
---> bagni <---: 1
---> Locali <---: 2
: 1