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: 1860 € 77.000

Castelforte, detached House that you do not expect! Spacious interior with a view of the sea.

The House proposed in this ad, initially in two aspects: 1) affects the price, definitely interesting (later we'll reveal an important detail) 2) the type, detached house, a daydream (especially for those who have lived many years in Condo!)

This House is located in Castelforte, about 20 minutes by car from Formia. Spread over three floors; three great premises on the ground floor (kitchen with oven, cellar with toilet, shed), three large rooms on the first floor (sitting room, living room) and three great premises (the bedrooms and bathroom) on.

Inside, as you can see from the photos, we have some work to do.
Nothing extraordinary or shocking ... you won't have to for sure you throw down your House and do it again!

It's up to you, your needs and your budget, decide how much to invest now for the renovation. The time at your disposal will play a key role.

I have had clients in similar contexts, which are entered as it was, and went ahead with the works abitandoci in.
I've had others who have renovated their, saving money over time, and remote 3/4 years they rebuilt practically new.

What counts in these cases is the motivation that drives you to buy a House like that.
Why invest your savings, rather than spend it on a flat, 2 rooms (much costs equal to this House!), condo, just enough tint and you are right?

Perhaps because in condominium there clothes already, and you've bothered with people above and below the head.
Or maybe because you've always been accustomed to single House, and "I figured if I'm going to lock me in the apartment!".
Simply, it may be your dream, you never planned on doing.

If it were just this the home you've been waiting for?

Call me to schedule a visit. My number is 3247975808 (Gianni). Organized already with your wife/husband, or anyone who can give you advice on a purchase so important. Preferably on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in the early afternoon, so to visit the House in daylight.

PS the price reflect the commercial evaluation based on real data and provable, "unique" in its kind, offered for free by our agency to those who have to sell the House.

PPS evaluation is also viewable by the prospective purchaser, before proceeding with the purchase proposal. There is nothing better than buying with guarantee to pay the right price!

---> Codice <---: 1860
---> Motivazione <---:
---> Tipologia <---:
: Lazio
---> Provincia <---: Latina
---> Comune <---: Castelforte
---> Prezzo_Richiesto <---: € 77.000
---> Totale_mq <---: 203
---> camere <---: 5
---> bagni <---: 2
---> Locali <---: 7