: Centro

69 3 2 1

: 1656 € 209.000

[Formia Center, first floor apartment, 69 sqm with terrace and parking. Quiet area within a park maintained and in good repair. ] we are in walking distance, about 150 metres from Piazza Risorgimento.
The condominium building where is located the apartment sale, was built in 2007, and the Park has wide open spaces for livability.

Arriving in front of the building, you can see the large outdoor terrace, green spaces manicured, the plants in order, strong signal of quiet life between condos, harmony among neighbors, essential elements to choose the House to buy, where to live for the next few years.

On the whole, confirmed later by the owners themselves, but especially from those details that a real estate agent is obliged to note: the maintenance of the common areas of the building both internally and externally.

These are the real strengths of this proposal! A good environment, inside and out, a communal situation quiet and where maintenance management was always made with care!

The property is the classic apartment with two bedrooms. Living room and kitchen, the spacious terrace outside, a bathroom, two bedrooms, one double and one single. In addition a beautiful terrace where you can relax with friends and family.

It is the classic solution for "leaving", as they say. A young couple, a single, on the first purchase, without fainting with loans, which invests in something of yours, instead of throwing their money away with the rent. A "momentary" if we may so call it ... waiting, over time, over the years, if you decide to start a family, if you have some major economic resource, there is the opportunity to purchase a detached house, a bigger house, the so called "final home".

A bit like success to the current owners who, instead of throwing their own money, they invested in a "capital" them on their House, and they are now in a position to aspire to a larger property that best suits their current situation familiar.

If the ad intrigued you, if you're really looking for a property to buy, if you throw time and money for rent just don't want to know, meet me for an appointment: in addition to seeing the property, we prove it-data in hand-convenience You'll have over the years by purchasing this solution!

Let me give you my number, 3270039201 (Adriano). My availability to arrange a visit are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in the late morning or early afternoon in 11-12 15-15.30.

See you soon!

all the properties available for sale from our real estate brokers are handled in exclusive, to a market value market related commercial assessment.
The assessment follows precise criteria, which are having a percentage of reliability on the rate of 92%.
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---> Codice <---: 1656
---> Motivazione <---:
---> Tipologia <---:
: Lazio
---> Provincia <---: Latina
---> Comune <---: Formia
---> frazione <---: Centro
---> Prezzo_Richiesto <---: € 209.000
---> Totale_mq <---: 69
---> camere <---: 2
---> bagni <---: 1
---> Locali <---: 3
: 2007
: € 25